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        Profhilo Clinical Researches Profhilo Clinical Researches

        Profhilo BAP Technique

        Profhilo’s BAP technique was clinically tested for maximum efficiency and client comfort, revolutionizing injectables treatment.

        The world of cosmetic medicine is advancing faster than ever with the creation of new technologies, products, and techniques.

        Profhilo is revolutionizing traditional injectables with a new kind of skin bio-remodeling. Many providers and consumers are familiar with hyaluronic acid injections and topical treatments, but Profhilo is something completely new. By combining low and high-molecular weight HA in a single dose, Profhilo lasts exponentially longer underneath the skin and hydrates more deeply than ever before.

        Profhilo and Botox may seem similar to consumers who are new to cosmetic medicine, but they are quite different. The compounds are made of entirely different substances and serve different purposes. Botox is designed to ‘freeze’ problem muscles into a relaxed, smooth position as a type of anti-wrinkle treatment, but Profhilo actually enhances the skin’s natural healing properties through a process called bio-remodeling. The 100% pure hyaluronic acid compound is also completely biocompatible, so it doesn’t harm skin tissue in any way. During clinical testing, Profhilo showed absolutely no negative side-effects and has one of the highest safety ratings in the industry.

        Patented technology is used to blend two different types of the best hyaluronic acid into a single compound. As a result, the hybrid HA components cooperate but aren’t cross-linked. This discovery alone sets Profhilo apart from more limited dermal fillers on the market, but that’s only half of the equation.

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        injectables Profhilo BAP technique

        A New Method for Bio-Remodeling

        The injection process for Profhilo has been carefully designed and clinically tested for maximum efficiency and client comfort. Each pre-filled syringe is carefully injected deeply into the dermis. Following the Bolus technique, the physician slowly and smoothly releases the Profhilo serum with very little tissue distension or irritation. Because of its low viscosity, the serum could also be extracted with a 29G needle, if necessary. The existing, limited advice to simply insert a syringe directly into the problem wrinkle or sagging skin has been re-imagined. Profhilo injections are carefully mapped on the face with bio-aesthetic points (BAP).

        These BAPs are anatomically-receptive and spread across the entire malar and sub-malar areas. With this unique method, the injection points support progressive diffusion across the widest sections of the face through sub-dermal patterns. As a result, maximum results can be achieved with fewer syringes and, by default – less discomfort.

        Understanding the BAP Map

        Unlike many other dermal fillers and injectable treatments, Profhilo is safe for a wide variety of uses across the body. The hyaluronic acid benefits are perfect for common treatment areas, like the face, neck, and hands, but it’s also suitable for upper arms, the abdomen, and knees. The most common BAP maps are diagrammed to fit the face and neck with best-practices suggestions for exact placement with specific measurements. For example:

        Upper cheek | Nasal base | Lower cheek | Chin | Jawline


        Injectables hyaluronic acid technique

        Increasing Compliance for Injectables

        The BAP method includes a total of 10 injections, which are spread evenly across the face with five on each side. Each syringe is pre-filled with 64mg of stabilized hyaluronic acid serum; no other treatment option compares with Profhilo’s record-breaking concentration. All 10 injections can be administered within a few minutes, which supports better client retention to follow up with treatment sessions. Many anti-wrinkle treatment options are being advertised as ‘lunch-time procedures’ and Profhilo is still faster than most.

        Minimizing Hyaluronic Acid Side-Effects

        Many patients express a concern for pain, bruising, and negative post-application side-effects during the consultation stage. Profhilo’s innovative BAP technique has a much more limited risk of bruising. Similarly, occurrences of injection site redness and irritation are less common than other injection options.

        A clinical study of 60 patients found that the BAP technique showed a very high satisfaction rating for all of the patients and the physician. The only adverse effects that occurred during the study were minor localized bruising, minimal redness, and subtle soreness.

        The whole-face concept is specifically designed to provide more even, natural results by improving all-over firmness, elasticity, and brightness through deep hydration. According to patient feedback, the BAP method fosters a gradual healing transformation over the course of one month. The treatment is fully complete after two months, at which time the stabilized Profhilo hyaluronic acid has finally broken down completely and safely absorbed into the dermal layers.

        Depending on the level of aging, patients can choose to follow a maintenance treatment to safeguard newly bio-remodeled skin. Typically, the Profhilo treatment protocol is repeated twice annually and physicians follow the proven BAP technique every time.

        Profhilo injections kit Hyaluronic acid

        Dr Sarah Tonks, London, explains Profhilo